About The Golden Egg Award (Guldägget) 

Competitions and awards play an important role in the communication industry worldwide and through these agencies and clients are encouraged to develop new strategies and creative solutions.

The definition of creativity is changing all the time: it is no longer confined to the art of storytelling. To create meaningful connections with consumers in this disrupted and disintermediated world, communicators are presented with both immense challenges and mind-blowing opportunities.

The Gold Egg Award (Guldägget) is Sweden’s oldest and largest communication competition. It started in 1961 and has since then grown and become an ever wider competition that now covers most of what can be called communication.

The award explores the value of creativity in branded communication: from packaging design and digital development to the creative strategy, execution and impact, celebrating new ideas shaping the next wave of creativity.

The purpose is to draw attention to the best advertisement, lead the industry forward and raise the level of the creative standard. The award work as a natural platform for a constantly ongoing discussion about how we in Sweden can become even better at communicating and how we can get even more involved in social problems, pension savings or a new chocolate bar with mint flavour. And the award do this by inspiring and giving courage to everyone who works within the communications industry in Sweden.

The awards – Golden Egg, Silver Egg and the Diploma – are nominated by a jury consisting of 58 jurors, including a jury chair.

The jury members are appointed among professional creatives. The members of the jury must be credited in the form of awards in the Gold Egg competition (at least Gold or Silver Egg) or similar in other awards.

The jury chair must be a respected and well-credited person in the industry who is appointed by the board of The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies and who is responsible for the jury work carried out in accordance with the purpose and rules of the competition. People in question must also have such maturity and leadership ability to be able to lead the work of the jury and be its ultimate representative.

The jury shall take into account the following criteria when assessing competition entries:

The jury’s task is to assess the communication from the previous year, not to judge the standard and significance of an annual production or it’s mark in the history of communications industry.

Each year a gala is held around the time of Easter (hence the name), where approximately 1500 take part in an evening celebrating last year’s best, most innovative and smartest communication who compete in 14 categories where both the agency and the client are rewarded. Each winner take home a 1,5 kg brass egg.

Those who are awarded are not only rewarded themselves but also show others how to outdo themselves. In this way, the winners serve as good role models and examples for others, both for individuals and collectively.

In addition to the 14 categories, five special prizes are also awarded at the gala:

The Gold Egg Award (Guldägget) organised by The Swedish Association of Communication Agencies (Sveriges Kommunikationsbyråer, KOMM).

The competition is only for Swedish agencies, foreign agencies can’t participate in Guldägget.

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