Big Mac Shop

Kategori: Integrerat
År: 2016
Valör: Silverägg
Uppdragsgivare: Svenska McDonald's

The Big Mac is the world’s most famous hamburger, but the love for it is fading. The challenge: How do you make an old icon feel exciting again? Our strategy was to give its fans whole new opportunities to be fans – by opening an online store – The Big Mac Shop –that sells a specially designed Big Mac clothing line. As a self-funding initiative half of the profits goes the Ronald McDonald’s House Charity, the remainder is reinvested into new products. To kick-start the conversation, we launched The Big Mac Shop at our very own fashion show – the McWalk – in Stockholm. Partnering with bloggers and cultural influencers such as the Swedish Skiteam the campaign wove across Owned and Earned Media. The story spread like a wildfire. It reached 200 mill. people, welcomed visitors from 150 countries and generated +50 million SEK in Earned Media – all in just one week.


Account Manager
Emmi Wilhelmsson

Business Director
Johan Ljungman

Account Director
Jeanette Ytterman

Print Manager
Anna Hellenberg

Special Production Manager
Daniel Israeli

Art Director
Simon Higby

Stefan Gustafsson

Graphic Designer
Pärmartin Jonsson, Isa Svärd

Photoshop Artist
Christian Björnerhag

Social Media Manager
Rickard Berggren

Frontend Developer
Jenny Gustavsson

Web Designer
Dennis Phang

Excecutive Producer
Johan Svensson

Strategic Planner
Christian Budtz

Account Manager
Anna Svensson

PR byrå
Prime Communications


Costume Design
Magnus Flobecker AB

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