Absolut Originality

År: 2014
Valör: Diplom
Uppdragsgivare: The Absolut Company
Byrå: Happytear

Facing the challenge to live up to the extreme success of Absolut Unique, The Absolut Company was looking to showcase their new groundbreaking bottle. Through inventive engineering, Absolut had found a way to add a drop of blue cobalt to the molten glass during the exact right time of bottle production, resulting in beautiful blue streaks, each different from each other. All in all, 4 million differently streaked bottles have been produced. The objective of the campaign was to bring attention to the new product and to explain how the streak represents the spirit of originality inherent in the Absolut brand. Furthermore, the packaging and promotional material produced for the campaign was created to illustrate how Absolut honors expertise, craft and creativity. Campaign work included working closely with The Absolut Company to create the overall concept, name and packaging as well as producing spectacular campaign images.


Art Director
Ola Johansson, Destrito

Creative Director
Magnus Skogsberg Tear

Magnus Torsne, Hall&Lundgren

Susan Norrgårds

Joakim Pettersson

Andreas Lindström, Bildinstitutet

Elin Berg

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