Mini vs Monster

Kategori: Produktion
År: 2011
Valör: Diplom
Uppdragsgivare: BMW/MINI


MINI, the world’s best-loved car marque, is set to do battle with a with a five-tonne monster truck in its latest cinema, TV and internet blockbuster, which will leave audiences hanging on the edge of their seats wondering whether a mighty all-American beast can jump 15.52 meters of the MINI family.

In a world-first use of cutting-edge 3D slow motion technology, pioneered by scientists at MIT, the two-minute Stereoscopic film entitled MINI vs Monster, is a high-performance immersive visual feast, which will wow 3D-hungry audiences and grip MINI fans when it opens in cinemas on 10 January.

Responsible for the nail-biting epic was Robert Jitzmark, the acclaimed Swedish director, and Peter Kydd and Anna Adamson as producers, who employed a crew of 120 people, including one stunt driver, six 3D technologists and scientists who were on hand to calculate the truck’s chances, and film with a 21st century 3D rig. The set required 30,000 cubic yards of sand to be imported and the entire shoot from preparation to jump took six days and 100 man hours to complete. A mix of stadium lights and special helium- filled balloon lights helped enrich the 3D quality.


Anna Adamson, Peter Kydd

Robert Jitzmark

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