Peace on earth

Kategori: Interaktivt
År: 2009
Valör: Silverägg
Uppdragsgivare: Björn Borg
Byrå: Farfar

If you believe in the power of underwear, anything can happen.
This is the story of how we will create peace on earth.

But first, let’s start at the beginning.
When we started working with Björn Borg, we decided to sack the old management and hire a new, fictive one: a dynamic team of naïve geniuses! They now work as the catalyst behind the brand; everything online as well as in traditional media carries their blessing.
This new management allows big things to happen. Cause when they’re not creating the underwear of tomorrow, they are busy making the world a better place today. You see, instead of campaigns, Björn Borg now has missions. In contrast to campaigns, a mission will not end until it is accomplished. And a mission needs peoples’ participation to succeed.

One of these missions is to create Peace On Earth.
It has been spread through events, PR-generating activities, in store-material, online activities, a guerilla stunt and a video clip on Youtube.
Believe in the power of underwear!


Creative Director


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