Kategori: Digitalt Hantverk
År: 2015
Valör: Diplom
Uppdragsgivare: Uncle Grey/Stylepit
Byrå: B-Reel

For the launch of the 2014 Stylepit collection we created an interactive online catalogue and fashion browsing experience like no other. Our task was to establish Stylepit as a premier destination for digital fashionistas in Scandinavia and create a brand for the Stylepit online retail outlet, that is as strong as the brands they sell. Site: The extensive product range was showcased using people from every walk of life in one long eclectic snapshot of people in a subway station. The people were caught mid action using a high speed phantom flex camera shooting 1000fps that travelled along the full length of the platform at 80 kph, on a custom built dolly system. The digital experience loads an interactive looping journey along the platform for the user to play with. Here you can control the direction of the clip, toggling backwards and forwards in the film.


Uncle Grey


Magnus Härdner

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