The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Kategori: Digitalt Hantverk
År: 2015
Valör: Silverägg
Uppdragsgivare: Warner Bros. och Google

“The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” was one of Warner Bros. most important theatrical movie releases for 2014. Warner Brothers wanted to build awareness for the upcoming film among moviegoers, and drive ticket sales upon its release. Google wanted to showcase the new web and Chrome platform capabilities focusing around bringing multimedia­rich experiences to mobile devices.

The aim was to showcase the cultural relevance of the last Hobbit film (and by extension, the entire Middle­earth franchise of 6 films) and the power of the web platform through an immersive experience that captures the scale and grandeur of the films.

● For users, the clients wanted them to be immersed at a deep level with the film experience, and also appreciate Hobbit / Warner Brothers / Chrome for moving the web forward through an enhanced digital experience.
● For developers, the clients wanted them to explore the new technologies included in the experience.

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Executive Creative Director
David Eriksson

UX Director
Alfredo Aponte

Art Director
Jonas Erikssom

Technical Director
Daniel Isaksson

Sheila Ho

Production Manager
Linda Brockman

Klas Kroon, Einar Öberg, Antoine Lehurt

3D Artist
Mathias Lindgren, Danne Wallström

Samuel Kantala

UX Designer
Adriá Verdaguer

QA Manager
Key Bjuhr

Front- och Backendutveckling
Public class

Robert Sköld, Jakob Stenqvist

Musik och ljud

Interactive Director
Erik Brattlöf

More Media

Art Director
Anton Stenwall

Andrew Stachler, Ben Battistelli, Kathryn Borawski, Kyle Goodenough, Ian Ellison-Taylor

Important Looking Pirates

VFX Producer
Magdalena Berglind

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