The Monochrome Chronicle

Kategori: Bild Hantverk
År: 2016
Valör: Silverägg
Uppdragsgivare: The Hives

The Monochrome Chronicle is a photographic project. One band, one photographer and live moments. The moments are gone in a thousandth of a second. Only the picture is left. The Monochrome Chronicle has so far been in Malmo, New York, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, London, Berlin, Beijing and Melbourne and follows The Hives on a never ending world tour. Our sincere hope is that this will be a way for us to feel connected to you, Dear Fan, when we are not touring, screaming in your faces, sweating on you or sprinkling your ear canals with sonic shockwaves made of 24 carat monochrome rainbows. So let this be something to have and to hold that you can keep after all your hard drives have crashed. Real shit. Like the love letters between your parents that are not a long deleted email thread. Long live this physical object made from the trunks of trees and the ink of squids. Affectionately yours, The Hives Ps “WE WILL NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST, STOLEN OR BROKEN TEETH DURING THE MAKING OF THE NEXT MONOCHROME CHRONICLE.


Photographer/Creative Director
Göran Broberg

Andreas Fernhede Dagman

The Hives

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