Velux Daylight & Architecture

År: 2015
Valör: Diplom
Uppdragsgivare: Velux A/S

Daylight & Architecture Issue nr 22

Sleep, Work, Live – healthy living around the clock.

Our health and well-being are essential parameters to the quality of our lives. We spend an excessive amount of time inside buildings – and the air that we breathe and the daylight we are exposed to have a great impact on those parameters. To bring the theme of this 22nd issue visually to life, we commissioned the Swedish artist Jesper Waldersten to interpret and elaborate visually around the concept of daylight and healthy living.

Daylight & Architecture is a branded magazine that explores and celebrates not just Velux products or their contribution to architecture, but the much wider issue of daylight in buildings and in our lives. With no obligation from Velux to stick with corporate publishing convention, we have created a minimally branded magazine whose design reflects the quality of the content, which includes contributions from eminent academics and architectural writers.


Senior Designer
Per Carlsson

CEO & Founder
Björn Kusoffsky

Project manager
Camilla Nilsson

Christopher West

Creative Artist
Jesper Waldersten

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