Here's to the normal ones

År: 2013
Valör: Diplom
Uppdragsgivare: Papercut

Apples classic AD is genius. But not everyone can be a genius, far from it. What if we celebrated the one´s who aren´t saving the world every minute of the day? What if we put the spotlight on the normal one´s instead? No one is pointing a finger here. We´re all in this together. The normal one´s are all over the place, and we all know it. We recognize ourselves in the normal. We accept it. But we need something else, we need something out of the ordinary. Exciting books and films can help us get through our ordinary lives, and this ad is all about that. In short: Here´s to the normal one´s.


Art Director
Fredrik Simonsson

Magnus Jakobsson

Creative Director
Magnus Jakobsson, Fredrik Simonsson

Rasmus Kellerman

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