Kauko ”Remotely Controlled Design Café”

Kategori: Event
År: 2013
Valör: Guldägg

2012 Helsinki was elected "World Design Capital" and wanted our help to spread the word and raise the awareness around the importance of design. Design is all around us; the chair you sit on, the lighting in your room and the height of your screen relative to your eyes. To enable the public to explore the relationship between good and bad design, we created a seemingly normal café serving normal coffee, but with an important twist – its furniture, service and atmosphere can be remotely controlled via a website in real time. (Kauko is Finnish for “remote control”.)


Minna Lairi

Art Director
Magnus Ericsson, Martin Samuelsson, Bruno Ribeiro

Back-End Developer
Martin Torhage

Mick Scheinin

Creative Director
Tony Högqvist, Eka Ruola

Viktor Wätterbäck, Karl Nord

Front-End Developer
Paula Kreuger

Fredrik Heghammar, Barbara Sorsa

Motion Graphics
Martin Hammarberg

Erik Wikholm

Tobias Wacker

Carlos Naude, Patrick Sundberg, Sivi Uitto, Tamer Mohsen, Espen Brekkebraten

Technical Director
Björn Kummeneje, Björn Uppeke

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