No Early Birds

År: 2010
Valör: Diplom
Uppdragsgivare: No Early Birds
Byrå: Kurppa PHA

Visual identity for No Early Birds. No Early Birds is a new furniture manufacturer established by architect Per Söderberg along with creative director Peter Simonsson. The first collection by No Early Birds is called New Habits. An emotional, uncompromising and honest collection based on an ingenious cross leg inspired by a bird’s leg. With the leg as starting point, Per has created a range of tables, benches, a shelving system and a stool. The symbol is inspired of the word "NO" as in the first word of the name, but also as a reaction to the traditional furniture industry. The corporate identity philosophy is built on - as far as possible - environmental friendly printing solutions.


Art Director
Thomas Kurppa

Titti Kurppa

Peter Gehrke

Johan Matsgård

Måns Jacobsson Hosk

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