Ramlösa Premium PET

År: 2012
Valör: Diplom
Uppdragsgivare: Carlsberg Sverige
Byrå: Nine

Ramlösa mineral water, a super brand that most Swedes have a relation to. The project focuses on the premium version without flavours for more exclusive restaurants and other high-end on-trade venues. The premium variant has been sold in a very appreciated but heavy glass bottle, expensive and not environmental friendly in terms of production, handling and transportation. The task was to develop a new more environmental friendly bottle and a carefully adjusted identity for the premium segment. The main design challenge was to create a bottle with the new material PET that can give the right quality cues and convince the high-end customers that Ramlösa does not need to be in a glass bottle to convey a premium association. Plus, using the label and the graphics to enhance the feeling of premium by creating an unbroken seal that assures quality. The task of the project was clear but not easy; Investigate and identify a new design without lowering the perceived value of the product.


Art Director
Björn Studt

Creative Director
Isabelle Dahlborg Lidström

Lotta Onajin

Pia Lundström

Liselotte Tingvall

3D visualisering
Mårten Lundberg/No Picnic

Åsa Jonsson, Sofia Berg/NINE

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